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  •  "I am so glad you made a page. LOVE your products. YUMMY!!!"  - Kimberly A., Michigan
  • "Best fudge IN THE WORLD right here!!=) Love your goodies- you make the best!" - Stephanie C., Michigan
  • "Kandy Kettle has the best fudge in these here United States!!!" - Tomi S., New Hampshire
  • "This looks so delicious! Tyler's mom makes the best fudge - makes great Christmas gifts ;)" - Elaine W., New Hampshire
  • "Fast shipping, great communication and delicious candy. The best of both worlds with professional packaging and presentation and home made, artisan taste. Great for gifts too although you'll want to keep it for yourself!" - Etsy Customer, California        
  • "Yum! Funny story: so i went to the mail box and living in a complex the boxes are tiny. It fit in the box because the delivery guy has a slightly bigger opening than my side. But i had to open the shipping box and slide out your gift box and then crush the delivery box to get to your delicious fudge. It was well worth the effort! :-)" - Etsy Customer, New York  
  • "I could smell this as I was opening the box and it was FABULOUS! I had to immediately take a sample taste and it was sooo good I had to physically put it in the other room so I wouldn't gobble the rest of the box! ha! THANK YOU!" - Etsy Customer, Virginia            
  • "My Aunt Connie absolutely LOVED this fudge. Wish I got the chance to try it! Thanks for the refund in shipping (very honest!!)" - Etsy Customer, Vermont
  • "By far the best fudge I've had. Hands on. I loved the variation of flavors. Every one blew my mind with tastiness. Now to pick my next order... ;-) Thank you!" - Etsy Customer, Ohio  
  • "Good Morning my Parents just called to say how excited they were to receive their wonderful Valentine's treats from you...what perfect timing too...very speedy service! Thanks so much for all the care you put into your VERY YUMMY treats...we will be back for more real soon! Have a relaxing day! :)" - Etsy Customer, Canada

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